Hi, I’m Mila Frerichs.

I love to help advocacy groups and non-profits make cities and the world a better place. That’s why I love what I do and would not exchange it for a regular job.

I use my software development skills to do good and help others. I am fortunate that I can use my passion to make a living.
I love what I do and if I would not have founded my own company Civic Vision in 2014, I would volunteer my time to do good.

I like to give talks at (geospatial) conferences and share mostly stuff that I encounter in my work. I gave a lot of workshops in d3 because that is my preferred library to create visualizations.

I live with my wife and our dog in a nice flat in the heart of Berlin-West.
I was born in Berlin but moved to a small town Mรผnster where I studied Geoinformatics and met my wife. I played a lot of Softball during my university time and always worked on the side.

I’m @milafrerichs on twitter and almost everywhere :)

I write about Civic Tech, Open Data, mapping and vizualizations over at Civic Open Data.