Instead of goals I adapted an approach by Brian Casel using themes.

I think this is more aligned with my thinking and lifestyle.Here are my themes as of February 2019.

Travel to at least two new cities/regions

I want to explore more of the world.

Last year I managed to visit 4 continents. Only one is left: Antartica

This can be challenging but I want to make it someday.

Take my wife with me on conferences. She should get more from my travels. Will be hard for our dog but maybe instead of doing two weeks of conference I just do one and take my wife with me.

Work more with nonprofit clients

Last year I mostly worked with for profit clients. Which is totally fine and allowed me to add more to the bottom line.

Publish more (Twitter, LinkedIn and blog/newsletter)

I want to be more proactive sharing stuff that I did. And share insights from my work day. I will probably start a work journal that I update weekly or bi-weekly.