Habits & Habit Tracking

After I read Atomic Habits last year I wanted to get better with my habits.

I made it a 12-week year goal (blog post about that coming as well). And sorta got better at it … But I fell off.

I attended a workshop of Stefanie Posavec and in her book Observe, Collect, Draw! : A Visual Journal there is a cool way of visualizing your habits.

I started but eventually fell off the track as well.

So this year I want to get better with my habits (using habit stacking (read Atomic habits). And tracking and visualizing my habits.

I’m going to pick up Stefanie’s tracking and adding another one that I discovered in this thread that started it again this morning and I funneled my inner Picasso ;)

I built this in GoodNotes on my iPad because I want digital and not physical copies. I'm better at drawing on my iPad with support than on real paper and this way I always have a way to track my habits even when I'm on the road.

You should follow Sean (who created this 5 habit tracker initially) he always puts out great content and has great advice (although he’s taking a year off).

I also started tracking more of my days and successes in notion thanks to Marie Poulin and it is a great way to keep track of things.
As a result, my planning and reviews got much better.

So the habits that I want to keep or pick up are:

  • daily writing (keep)
  • daily Yoga
  • daily exercise
  • week daily shutdown routine (pick up again)
  • startup routine (pick up again)

What Habits are you trying to form and how are you tracking your progress?