Speaking at conferences

I'm an introvert. But I love conferences. I love sharing what I know.

I love being on the stage and talking about what I have learned and what I'm passionate about. I am nervous, and I always forget a little bit of what I want to say but I still love it.

I hate being at conferences on my own but it's the best way to make new connections.

I am uncomfortable in the scheduled breaks and have a hard time going up to a group and jumping in on the conversation. I need to get better at it and I will put myself more into those situations.

I love going to conferences where I know a bunch of people. FOSS4G conference for example. It does not matter where in the world the conference is I always find people that I know and meet new people through the conference.

**Tip for conference organizers:
**Schedule the workshops before the conference talks so new people can meet in a safer environment. Most people tend to talk more at smaller settings and you typically don't have too many people that know each other at the workshops preventing what feels like closed groups.

I love sharing what I know. And sharing at a conference and especially giving a workshop is very satisfying. The feedback you get and the conversation you have afterward are great.

I cannot encourage everyone enough to try it out.
Don't get discouraged by rejections, everyone gets rejected. I know a very good and frequent speaker and his proposals to a big conference get rejected all the time.

Do you know the Global Diversity CFP day?
If not check them out, they offer workshops on how to apply to speak at conferences around the world.

Check them out!

Last year my proposals got accepted at three conferences and I had to bail out from speaking at FOSS4G Oceania this year. I had too much work to do and too little budget to make the trip this year. But I will apply again next year.

Speaking gigs 2019

  • FOSS4G NA, San Diego, April 2019
  • GoodTechFest, Chicago May 2019
  • NACIS, Tacoma, Nov 2019

I had a great time at all of these conferences and especially at NACIS. It was my first time at NACIS and I should really publish my review :)

Planned Conferences 2020

  • FOSS4G, Calgary, August 2020
  • FOSS4G Oceania, November 2020